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by Ron Russell

Friday, March 6, 2015

Best Price on Insulated Replacement Windows: Allen Construction Arkansas

Allen Construction located in Little Rock, AR offers some of the best prices in the state on quality energy efficient vinyl replacement windows.  Allen Construction is a small company in business in the Little Rock areas for over 30 years.  The owner, John Allen personally sees each person who calls for a free quote.  The large companies, who ads you see plastered across your TV screens, newspapers and even big billboards around Little Rock just can't compete because of their huge overheads.  Advertising cost, salesmen commissions, and large fancy offices all help to drive their cost thru the roof.  That is not the case with Allen Construction whose ads you never see on TV, newspapers on fancy billboards, because they don't exist.  And with this company, the owner John Allen personally gives all estimates, thereby eliminating those huge salesman's commissions.  On a personal note and to offer full disclosure, I am a long time personal friend of the owner.  We first met back in the mid 1970's when he installed windows in my home when I first moved to Little Rock from Mississippi.  We are close buddies until this day although when retired, I moved back to my roots in south MS.  I write post like this from time to time on my blog to show my appreciation for an old friend who has helped me so much over the years.  Being retired, I have a great deal of time on my hands.  I am a conservative political blogger, as you may have noticed from this blog site and write a lot on politics and other things of importance to me.  Ron R.  
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