""Liberty and freedom are precious and must be fought for and many generations of Americans have answered the call and heard the toll of the Liberty Bell. Now is such a time and ask not for "whom does the bell toll". For those on the greens at Lexington and Concord heard the call and saw the approaching danger in the forms of "Brown Bess" and "Redcoat". And when the smoke had cleared the deaf ear of the oppressor was pierced by "the shot heard round the world".""
by Ron Russell

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Investigate Bernie Sanders for Collusion with Ball Park Shooter

It is only fitting in this era of "guilt by innuendo" that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders be called to testify as to his collusion with James Hodgkinson. We quickly learned, following the tragic events in Virginia, that Mr. Hodgkinson was an avid supporter and campaign volunteer to comrade Bernie's failed campaign for president. As a result of this fact it is imperative to force the good Senator to prove his non participation and/or collusion in today's events. 

Do we know whether Mr. Sanders ever met the confirmed gunmen? Was Mr. Hodgkinson ever in a rope line or a crowded convention hall while where Senator Sanders was present? Can Mr. Sanders confirm under oath that he never "met" or spoke with the shooter? 

We must insinuate and assume wrongdoing until wrongdoing can be disproved. We need a Special Prosecutor to be named and an immediate investigation to ensue. We need Mr. Sanders to turn over all of his personal emails, phone logs, itineraries and notes regarding his whereabouts over the last two years. 

It is likely that we will learn that Mr. Hodgkinson's outrage was the direct result of the antagonistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, trans-phobic and green-phobic policies of the Republican Party.   Read more.....

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