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by Ron Russell

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Drug Cartel ‘Rip Crew’ Committed String Of Home Invasion Robberies In Texas

SAN JUAN, TX (CBS News 4) – Investigators arrested the leader of a “rip crew” affiliated with the Gulf Cartel on Wednesday.
The San Juan Police Department and the U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested Marin Macrin “El Filtro” Cerda-Rios on Wednesday morning.
Cerda headed a “rip crew” called Los Mickys, which is affiliated with the Gulf Cartel, said San Juan police Chief Juan Gonzalez.
Investigators believe Cerda, his brother Miguel Marin “El Tigre” Cerda-Rios and other members of the rip crew committed at least seven home invasion-style robberies, Gonzalez said. Members of Los Mickys have been linked to robberies in San Juan, McAllen, Mission and Edinburg.
Members of the rip crew face both federal and state charges for various crimes.
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