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by Ron Russell

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Car dealership response to bum who rejected $10 an hr. as he makes more money panhandling goes viral

If you were homeless, living on the streets, and begging for money on a daily basis, would you jump at the chance to take a job? What if that job offered you well over minimum wage? 

Now most of us are going to nod our heads vigorously, but apparently there are some people out there who think that the money they make panhandling is worth more than an honest paycheck and the dignity of being able to make your own way in the world and not having to rely on handouts from other people. 

A beggar in Brighton, Michigan turned down a $10.00/hr job at a car dealership, according to a sign that was put out by the dealership to warn the public against giving him any money. The reason for his refusal? The man claims that he makes more money than any of the people at the location.  Read More.....

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