""Liberty and freedom are precious and must be fought for and many generations of Americans have answered the call and heard the toll of the Liberty Bell. Now is such a time and ask not for "whom does the bell toll". For those on the greens at Lexington and Concord heard the call and saw the approaching danger in the forms of "Brown Bess" and "Redcoat". And when the smoke had cleared the deaf ear of the oppressor was pierced by "the shot heard round the world".""
by Ron Russell

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NATIONAL TEA PARTY, Will Obama Moderate???

Many are beginning to wonder if Obama will moderate should the Republicans take control of the House and perhaps the Senate following this falls elections. Will he move to the center of the political spectrum, much as Bill Clinton did after the disaster the democrats faced following the off year elections in 1994?  Clinton had to master the art of moderation as governor of Arkansas where the republicans often controlled the legislature while he was governor. The answer here is simple for most astute political observers---he will not. Bill Clinton was a member of the political left, but not an extreme radical like Obama. The closest Obama has ever come to moderation was voting "present" in the Illinois legislature!  He will go down with the ship before he abandons his deeply held political convictions. He is not a finger in the wind kind of guy like Slick Willy. Obama thinks he is right and the majority of the people in this country are wrong. He lied during his campaign, indicating he would govern from the center, but once in office he forgot his campaign promises, promises he never intended to keep, to the American people and pushed ahead with his radical agenda. The vote this fall may send a message to Washington, but a message that will fall on the deaf ears of the "Present-in-Chief".
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